Our Services

We perform collections on consumer debt, tenancy debt, and commercial debt. We are specialists in tenancy debt recovery


Civil Enforcement

We perform collections on all debt types including; consumer debt, commercial debt, Disputes Tribunal orders, and a specialisation in Tenancy Tribunal and Mediator's order recoveries.

Debt recovery is not for everyone, but we get a lot of enjoyment from being successful for our clients. Our recovery rate is one of the highest in the industry which is why we have been in business for more than 30 years. Various pricing options are available for you to choose from. See our Fees page.

Debtor Tracing

The most time consuming task involved in debt collection is usually locating the debtor. This is common when the debtor is an individual person, not a business, as businesses have a policy of advertising where they are located, as opposed to individuals who can be very transient and hard to locate when they don't want to be found. It is also important to locate your debtor as quickly as possible because of statutory limitations on the enforcement of debts. 

As an experienced debt collector we have networks and utilise various resources to assist us with locating debtors. 

Civil Enforcement

If your debtor refuses or fails to start a voluntary repayment plan we will warn the debtor that we may start civil enforcement proceedings. Enforcement is an effective method of forcing your debtor to pay. 

We will pay the costs associated with the first District Court enforcement on the basis the debtor is located within New Zealand. Enforcement costs are added on top of the original debt and will be repaid by the debtor. Our Terms of Engagement apply*.

Collections Management

Whether a debtor is making payments towards the debt on a voluntary repayment plan or through court enforcement, there is always the possibility the debtor's repayments stop due to various reasons. The reality is, ensuring a debtor maintains their repayments towards the debt is a large part of the debt collection process. 

Our staff are tasked with monitoring every debtor's repayments using our credit control software which alerts us if a debtor misses a payment. We then prioritize taking action to ensure the debtor gets back on track with their repayments. We will also load the debt on the credit reporting systems which will adversely affect the debtor's credit rating.