Welcome to The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group

We are a New Zealand owned and operated debt collection service that was established in 1993 with a focus on specialising in tenancy debt recovery. 

With over 25 years of debt collection experience in commercial debt and tenancy debt we can deliver a simple, fast and effective debt collection process to you.

Our commission is based on the principle that no collection means no commission. We only deduct our commission from your debtor’s repayments. This means if we don't get a successful recovery we do not collect our commission, giving us a real incentive to achieve a successful debt recovery for you. Depending on your Terms of Trade, we can recover the total debt with no cost to you.

Various pricing options are available for you to choose from. See our Pricing Options page.

If your debtor refuses to repay your debt voluntarily we have the knowledge and resources to take enforcement action through the Courts and in most cases we will pay the Court costs of the first enforcement for you.

 Specialists in tenancy debt recovery since 1993

 Tracing debtors nationwide

 We collect, litigate and enforce all other debt types

 Our debtor database formed Tenancy Information New Zealand (TINZ) for tenant checking



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