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What Happens Next....

A copy of your debt upload will be emailed to you. We will contact you if we require further details or clarification on any of the debt details you have provided. 

We will also send you an 'Acknowledgement of Debt Collection Instructions' email which has important information in it. 

Please direct any enquiries you have to

If you chose Pricing Option 1, 3, or 4

We will start the debt collection on this debt immediately as there is no Debt Load Fee payable.

If you chose Pricing Option 2

An invoice will be emailed to you for payment for the Option 2 Debt Load fee. We will only start the debt collection prcess once we receive payment for the Debt Load Fee invoice.

Our Update Policy

We send updates when there are significant developments during the debt collection process. We do not automatically send routine updates. 

The reason behind this policy is that apart from dedicating a large amount of our time into collecting debts and managing debtors, we have found creditors have made use of the written updates to deal directly with debtors themselves, which is a breach of the Privacy Act and our Terms of Engagement. 

It also removes the opportunity for us to recover our commission fee, and/or, other fees incurred, from the debtor's repayments which will result in us having to invoice you directly for our commission and any other applicable fees. 

We welcome your email for an update every 4-6 weeks.