Do you have a tenant not paying a Tenancy Tribunal Order?

If you have taken a tenant to mediation or the Tenancy Tribunal to resolve an issue, you will have a decision. Your decision could be in a sealed mediator’s Order or a Tenancy Tribunal Order. These Orders are legally binding and enforceable.  

However, an Order does not force your tenant debtor to automatically pay what the Order states. To force your tenant debtor to pay the Order you need to go through civil enforcement proceedings with the Ministry of Justice. This process can be a stressful, confusing, and time consuming process.

Our team at CIA Debt Recovery can help you recover the amount on the Order and if required, start civil enforcement proceedings against your tenant debtor through the Ministry of Justice.

If you would like to discuss your case with us, please send your enquiry to admin@cia.nz

Why should you use CIA Debt Recovery

Tick We only charge a commission fee upon succesful recovery of the debt
Tick We will pay the civil enforcement costs for you, if your debtor refuses to pay
Tick We can load the Order on your tenant's tenancy and credit record
Tick We have over 28 years experience in tenancy debt collection
Tick No extra fees for letters of phone calls made during the collection process
Tick No debt loading fee for you as a member of illion Tenancy


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