What is illion Tenancy?

illion Tennacy has New Zealand’s largest tenancy database with hundreds of thousands of records which are constantly being enhanced and updated. We use our own database plus over 20 external database sources including:

  • illion Tenancy NZ tenant ratings, Tenancy Tribunal orders, 14 day notices, verbal/physical abuse, drug abuse warnings, dangerous dog warnings and photos from other members
  • Ministry of Justice Tenancy Tribunal orders
  • illion credit checks
  • Ministry of Justice outstanding fines searches
  • CIA Debt Recovery and other debt collection agencies
  • LTNZ Driver’s License checks & verification's
    NZ and AU Passport verification's
  • Home ownership records
  • Personal Property & Securities Register
  • Facebook, Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Court Judgements, News websites, Companies Office, Police 10/7, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Interpol etc

illion Tenancy

The greatest skill in property management is tenant selection. Never risk correct tenant selection with inferior tenant checking.

When completing the form to load your debt, make sure to enter your illion Tenancy member ID number and select "Option 1" in the pricing drop-down list.

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