We have various pricing options below for you to choose from.

Our commission plus GST is deducted from each payment received from the debtor. This means CIA Debt Recovery Group only earns commission when recovery of the debt starts.

Disbursements of the debtor’s repayments will be made to you monthly accompanied by a statement with a breakdown of the debtor’s repayments and debt details.

District Court Enforcement

CIA Debt Recovery Group will pay the tracing costs along with the Solicitor and District Court fees associated with the first District Court enforcement.

If further enforcement's are required during recovery of the debt, CIA Debt Recovery Group will discuss the options available with you before taking any further action.

Enforcement costs are added on top of the original debt and will be repaid by the debtor. CIA Debt Recovery Group will recover any enforcement's costs from the debtors’ repayments as per the Terms and Conditions.

Pricing Options

Updated 15.12.2018