What is illion Tenancy?

illion Tenancy (formerly Tenancy Information New Zealand - TINZ) is New Zealand's largest tenancy database used by residential and commercial property managers, and private landlords to perform tenancy background checks, credit checks, plus other types of checks on prospective tenants, and provide an online tenancy database for the sharing of Tenant Ratings, 14 Day Notices, and Tenancy Tribunal Orders.

illion Tenancy

How do I get an illion Tenancy member ID number?

You will first need to be an illion Tenancy member to receive a member ID number, this will allow you to get the special pricing option.

To sign up to illion Tenancy online at www.illiontenancy.co.nz

When completing the form to load your debt, make sure to enter your illion Tenancy member ID number and select "Option 1" in the pricing drop-down list.