Debt Recovery Plan



Form below to register your tenancy agreement online

This is an insurance type plan to prepay your future possible debt collection costs

and Court and solicitor costs of enforcement

(not for current or old debts please see our other options here)

updated 1.7.2015

$1.50 inc. GST per week

(based on 1 year cover - prepaid by credit or debit card)

per tenancy agreement

Please note No refunds for part periods not used

Under this cover, once you have got a debt under a sealed mediated or Tenancy Tribunal order,

all you have to do to make a claim for us to collect the debt is to use our standard online instruction form – choose billing option 6

No commissions deducted

 No hidden charges 

No court  enforcement fees

We pay it all – one stop shop.

Register your tenancy agreement/ property below online now!

Have your credit or debit card ready as you will directed to Paypal to pay after submitting this form.

This option includes:

FREE tracing of errant tenant(s)

FREE recoveries of your debt  

• Re-trace debtor(s) as required

FREE preparation and swearing of Court enforcement documents if required

• The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group Ltd will pay Court enforcement fees if no voluntary offer gained from debtor.


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