Our System

1. You can now upload your debts by clicking on the appropriate button to the right of this screen or you can complete an instruction cover form for each debt. Click on this link for a tenancy debt or on this link for a general debt.

If you decide to use one of the online forms you will be asked to attach supporting documentation (e.g. invoices or Court orders) and attach any photos of your debtors. Once the form is completed online you simply click the submit button at the foot of the online form and it all comes through to us.

We prefer you to use the online form as sometimes we have problems reading people's handwriting.

2. The online form acts as

a) a cover sheet;

b) a contract with C.I.A.; and,

c) as an agency agreement for us to act on your behalf.

The following paragraphs are only relevant if you decide to use the manual forms to instruct us.

3. You should make a choice of which billing option is most commercially suitable to you from the our "Fees Schedules" page and tick that option on the instruct form. Please note we pay all enforcement costs on first enforcement

4. You can either post or email  an instruction sheet to us with a copy of the Tenancy/Disputes Tribunal Order, District Court Order, copies of application forms, invoices issued or loan agreements and photos of your debtor if they are available. We do not normally need any other documentation.

5. If you have a photo of the debtor this would help our field agents and court bailiffs to identify your debtors that deny their identity. The courts are regularly asking for photos as part of the enforcement processes via the District Court processes.


 The following applies regardless of what method you choose to instruct us.

6. We will enter your instructions into our computer diarised “Client Management System” upon which we will email an acknowledgment to you.

7. This acknowledgement will be accompanied by an invoice for any applicable registration fee and a spreadsheet which has the calculations as to how we have added our charges/commission. If you have a Tenancy Tribunal order you can take this back to the tribunal to have our costs added to the order. Please read this specific advice on adding costs.

8. We don't give written updates any longer as the logistics can be quite phenomenal when you are dealing with more than 6000 new debts every year and only finding approx. 50% each year. The ones that are not found are still being worked on but they are in addition to the new instructions. We are quite happy to give short replies to email requests for updates every 6-8 weeks if we haven't already contacted you within that time. Drop us a line to admin@cia.co.nz using the debt number, we gave on our acknowledgment of your instructions, as a reference.

9. We will advise you when we get an offer to repay your debt and/or advise you if we need to incur cost to initiate legals.

10. We do give monthly payment advices by email once an arrangement to pay is made by your debtor. This is usually on the 15th of the month following recovery once funds have cleared and an audit has been undertaken.



Online Services

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