Baycorp NZ

Baycorp NZ could be seen as the catalyst to the starting of The CIA Debt Recovery Group Ltd.

The Principal of this business started as a field agent for Baycorp NZ way back in 1992. It was clear, in a very short time frame, that his former Police experience of dealing with people from all walks of life was able to gain rapport with debtors with 2 debtors actually ringing to compliment his work in the space of 3 months.

His work in West Auckland soon developed so that he was able to subcontract his work to be able to offer a higher rate of recovery than the 5 Baycorp field agents in Wellington.

It was through an unfortunate gym injury via ruptured Achilles tendon that made him reassess his direction, and in so doing , offered a business plan to set up an investigative unit for Baycorp which was rejected and, in fact, lead to then field agent's manager dismissing him as they stated they couldn't carry him for the 3-4 months whilst he rehabilitated himself from his injury.

This business plan quickly evolved into the forming of Chase Investigative Agencies, also known as CIA,  which was the forerunner of The CIA Debt Recovery Group Ltd as it is today.

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